HBAG Stool test Helicobacter pylori




HBAG Stool test Helicobacter pylori.

Helicobacter Pylori is a bacteria that affects stomach. This infection can be linked with increased reactivity of mast cells and can act as co-factor making spontaneous urticaria worse.

People can get infected form another infected person most often when an infected person is preparing food for others.

With this infection one can usually feel sensation of acid and heartburn, but sometimes there are no symptoms present. Some people describe that they feel more hungry than usual.

If the test is positive the infection will need to be treated according to NICE guidelines.

H. pylori is known to cause peptic ulcer disease and is a class A carcinogen, thus if found as per the Maastricht guidelines should be eradicated, and this should be confirmed with repeat test two weeks after the completion of treatment.


If you receive positive test result please book an appointment with one of our consultants or your GP to arrange treatment.


This test is done as postal sample. You will receive a stool pot, and a laboratory form in the post. Please collect a stool sample and return to the laboratory in the prepaid envelope.

Please make sure that you write your name and date of birth on the pot and please include the laboratory form.

Results of the tests are usually available in approximately one week

Please note: You will need to write your name and date of birth on the stool pot before collecting your sample and post to the lab everything received including the laboratory form.
This test can only be ordered on its own in checkout, please make sure that you don’t add any other tests alongside in one transaction.