We offers several stool tests that can be either sent back to the lab in the post or dropped of at the laboratory.

Screening for inflammatory bowel disease (detection of hidden blood and inflammatory marker calprotectin)
H Pylori test (detection of antigen in the stool sample)
NOVA microscopy and PCR test for parasites (please see details)
EORD PCR test that checks for bacterial, viral and parasitic infections.

Microscopy of faecal concentrates and real-time PCR for the detection of intestinal parasites.

Correct identification of microbial agents causing diarrhoea in humans is crucial for optimal treatment.

Detection of disease-causing intestinal parasites is traditionally done by microscopic examination of stool samples.

Over the last years this has been changed in favour of using PCR.

Studies have shown that both sensitivity and specificity of PCR are better compared to microscopy. Microscopy of stool samples is a labour-intensive technique for detection of intestinal parasites.

The use of real-time PCR for parasites does not dismiss the need for careful interpretation of test results.

In order to perform PCR test and microscopy of the sample you will need to collect at least 3/4 of the stool pot.

Please also note that these tests can only be purchased separately one by one (not together with any other tests in the same basket).