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ISAC Allergy Test

This blood test called ISAC. It covers 112 allergenic components in food and airborne allergens. It is a screening test that gives all this information during one test. This test can be done from a finger prick or from a vein (sample can be taken by a nurse in our laboratory).

The test covers airborne allergens including animals, dust mites, grass, birch, moulds as well as food allergens.

The full list of allergens tested and sample export can be found here


Example of the allergen ISAC report (9 pages) ISAC Sample report

The test result are not affected by antihistamines or your diet at the time of doing the tests, fasting is not required.

Please note, although the testing is done in the accredited laboratory with appropriate quality controls in place, like all blood tests, there is a small possibility that the test will provide false positive results or false negative results.

Please do not take any decisions or actions to change your medication or diet based on the results of the test without consulting your gp or allergy consultant first.

Only a healthcare professional can diagnose and treat allergy.

Please note that this test should be added on its own on checkout and not combined with other tests in one transaction.

It is very important to attach a label with the name and date of birth to the sample tube before sending the sample to the laboratory.

This test is £460 and can only be ordered on its own in checkout, please make sure that you don’t add any other tests alongside in one transaction. (If you want to do additional tests they need to be purchased as a separate transaction)