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Client Reviews

Some client reviews from patients of the London Allergy and Immunology Centre.  Now available to you as an online test!

Dr Rudenko is very diligent and attentive to the patients needs and concerns. He is not shy to spend extra time with a patient to get to the bottom of things. However, I believe that the current state of the art is not advanced enough for everybody’s needs, especially when there are uncommon allergens/reactions involved.

Dr Rudenko is a world renowned allergy and Immunology specialist who provides outstanding advice and guidance for parents going through heart ache resulting from multiple food allergies. His calm and educational approach has left us close to tears after finally having answers to so many questions. My son has dozens of food and environmental sensitivities, intolerances and a number of life threatening food allergies. He also has numerous environmental issues which seemed near impossible to pinpoint. In my opinion the London Allergy Clinic is an exceptional centre of excellence.

Alex, via Facebook

Before visiting dr Rudenko today , it was very easy to book and appointment online without even calling anyone, he was very professional, gave me more than the time allocated to diagnose my prblem and requested some tests, a 5 stars service

Nassim, via Facebook