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The Doctors’ Laboratory’s Allergy Testing Equipment

Laboratory based allergy tests

Due to the success of the Allergy Testing in the Doctors Laboratory we started to offer the service to patients Nationwide.

Unlike an anonymous online organisation you can book an appointment with the leading allergy and immunology consultants to discuss results and get treatment.

Laboratory tests can done with the sample taken in the Doctors Laboratory in London or sent in after a self collection. We can do a maximum of three tests from a single finger prick blood test tube.



Our Mission is to help you to identify your allergies and for you to reclaim your health.


Our Promise – Our consultants in provide expertise for adults and children based on latest scientific evidence. We offer a selection of more than 600 allergy tests including food and aero allergens.


A world renowned allergy and Immunology specialist who provides outstanding advice and guidance for parents going through heart ache resulting from multiple food allergies. His calm and educational approach has left us close to tears after finally having answers to so many questions. My son has dozens of food and environmental sensitivities, intolerances and a number of life threatening food allergies. He also has numerous environmental issues which seemed near impossible to pinpoint. In my opinion the London Allergy and Immunology Centre is an exceptional centre of excellence.

AZ, via Facebook

Wonderful! No one else in 20 years has ever found what I am allergic to. Thank you.

Patient S, age 31-45